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Gift cup advertising market leader -YONGKANG CITY YUANYE TRADE CO., LTD



Want to make more people choose the cup as a gift or advertising medium, it must be to ensure quality. This point, Yongkang Yuanye Industry and Trade done very well. It is understood that YONGKANG CITY YUANYE TRADE CO., LTD . is a cup manufacturer. As China's health cup advocate. From the date of establishment, the brand will focus on the research and development and production of healthy cups, devoted to developing healthy and quality cups. From selection of materials to scientific and technical indicators, from innovative technology to unique technology, YONGKANG CITY YUANYE TRADE CO., LTD  in the production of healthy glass meticulous strict implementation of the process. Not only that, YONGKANG CITY YUANYE TRADE CO., LTD also enriched the glass business model, not only the production of insulation and plastic two cups of life, but also actively joined the custom Gift cups and custom advertising Cup.


     In order to increase the popularity of the Gift cup market and let more customers choose the cup as a gift, the company's business now includes custom advertising advertising cups, Gift cups and promotional cups for the enterprise. To help customers design and customize the representative advertising cups, to achieve cross-border cooperation and brand win-win situation. YONGKANG CITY YUANYE TRADE CO., LTD  operating for many years, has always insisted on manufacturing healthy glass company philosophy.

The company in good faith, environmental protection, fashion, and healthy production purposes, located in the high-end level, shine in the gift cup market, products are often exported to many countries in foreign countries, the accumulation of many old customers, many well-known enterprises have become its long-term cooperation partner. Now YONGKANG CITY YUANYE TRADE CO., LTD , has a myriad of aura: China Gift Cup well-known enterprises, the top 100 enterprises gift factory cooperation, domestic and international famous brand cup-processing plant. This is the result of long-term business adherence, but also the keen insight into the market and accurate judgments. Mention now custom gift cup and custom advertising cup, YONGKANG CITY YUANYE TRADE CO., LTD  has become the industry's first choice. Also hope that under its drive, there will be more business promotion gift cup choice this way.

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