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Insulated cup industry new AOBONA5 + somatosensory cup

Recently, we noticed that the mug industry market has emerged a new product, Yongkang YuanYe Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. on-line a new product - both inside and outside the 304 aobona5 + somatosensory cup, both gold and blue models, the price of 68 yuan. The somatosensory cup main inside and outside with 304 material, vacuum insulation cold, warm lock temperature, lightweight fashion and so on. For office, travel, commuting, camping, mountaineering and other scenes can be used.

tumbler China cup makerCup custom network, insulation Cup introduction


aobona5 + somatosensory cup with European and American style functionality, so drinking more convenient, stylish cup body, according to human engineering principles of human engineering design curve, people in the hand, more convenient.

The use of international brand insulation cup 304 stainless steel, certified testing agencies measured food-grade materials, products meet the national insulation cup technology industry standards, and after the Japanese vacuum processing equipment into a vacuum insulation layer, so that the same type of product insulation more long , Even for a long time in the outdoors can bring lasting insulation experience.

Yongkang Yuanye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. main quality vacuum cups, in particular need to prompt that they are the target of the same international material, but in terms of pricing, did give a surprise to customers, both inside and outside the quality of 304 material Cup, as long as 68 yuan, relative to foreign countries Type like India, Thermos, tiger brands such as cups, they decided to break the bottom line price of this product, a bit similar to the original millet phone, there is a bright spot, is the gift industry market, the product also accepts gift OEM, at The cup lettering business, so that every company can produce to their own company's products, give to the staff and customers, customers, customers together warm this season.

With Far Industry Co., Ltd. industry development process

Yongkang Yuanye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., referred to as Yuanye Industry and Trade, is located in "China Hardware Capital", "China Cup" Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province.

Founded in 2011, Yongkang Yuanye Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise devoted to creating the world's leading household products and cup pot ecological chain system. After 6 years of determination to forge ahead, Yuanye Industry and Trade has rapidly developed into a well-known enterprise in the industrial chain with a high degree of convergence before and after its operation. It is one of the earliest modern enterprises in research, development, production, sales and technical services in the glass pot and gift industry. Cup pot business, set mug, stainless steel mugs, car Cup, advertising cups, cups and other gift integrated cup production enterprises.

At present, the company has a staff of 100 people, bachelor degree or above more than 20 people; is a learning, innovative and cultural enterprises. "Innovative manufacturing products, with focus on the practice of the industry," Far East Industry and Trade over the years sustained and steady development of the core.

Enterprise development history

October 2011; Far Industry and Trade Company was established!

November 2011; the company set up a practical cup pot R & D center, developed a self-development, the creation of national Cup pot brand development strategy;

In 2012, the Company successfully conducted a series of cooperation with domestic gift companies, successfully customized Gift cups for many enterprises in the world's top 500 enterprises, and became their long-term partners to lay the leading position in the Gift cup maker industry ;

2013; Far Industry, Trade and Industry, to promote the production of healthy cups, the use of quality Cup pot, a cup of pot industry advocate;

2014; Yuan industry and trade cup pot own brand Aobona (aobona), by virtue of excellent quality, with the color cup single in the Gift cup industry sales exceeded 500,000

2015; The company research and development in the ar functionality of the Sympathy Cup, achieved in the advertising cup industry's leading products, and has been recognized by customers.

2016; the first half of the year in the launch of new six styles, from aobona with cup, to aobona sensory cup, product line layout a goal to open up the domestic gift cup market, a get through the domestic high-end vacuum flask market.

product service

Aobona health pot pot

With the cup quality advertising promotion Cup pot

Sense cup quality stainless steel vacuum flask pot

company culture

Yuanye Trade and Industry was founded in 2011, the company is located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province. Over the years, Far East Industry and Trade has always been to create user value as the goal, product innovation, far industry to create strategic, diversified development strategy, far Industry and Trade has now developed into a cup of pot industry brand.

Far-Industry and Trade's vision and mission is committed to becoming the dominant industry, the preferred user competitiveness of enterprises. Far industry and trade through gift companies, foreign trade companies, win-win cooperation model for their own brand expansion.

Far industry and trade core is:

Innovative products, create high-quality cup pot! Customer satisfaction, so that enterprises in the industry valuable

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